700 Cops Deployed in Karamoja to Fight Robberies

963 Views Kampala, Uganda
700 Policemen have been deployed in Karamoja to fight robberies and murder in the Karamoja sub-region. The deployment is being coordinated by Grace Turyagumanawe, the Commissioner of Police. Major General Kale Kaihura, the Inspector General of Police says the deployment is in response to reports that some Karamojong warriors who fled the disarmament process have returned and are using their guns to wreck havoc in the region. Kaihura says that the rate of Highway robberies and other crimes has increased significantly over the last few months. He explains that the officers from the mobile police patrol unit and the regular police have been deployed in the region with the aim of reducing, disrupting and detecting robberies mainly in the trading centers. The IGP however says that the deployment of policemen in the region is temporary, pending the recruitment of 6,000 special police constables to work in Karamoja.


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