Widow on the Verge of Eviction from Her Land

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Elizabeth Kantono, a neighbor to Nabirye faults the local officials for failing to protect the widow after being compromised

A 72-year-old widow Malia Nabirye in Igeyero village in Baitambogwe-Bunya Sub county in Mayuge district is on the verge of being evicted from her two acre piece of land by her daughter in law. Nabirye accuses her daughter in law, Sefoloza Kiggundu of attempting to through her from her land systematically.
"She begun with uprooting everything that I plant claiming that I was encroaching on her piece of land. But how can I encroach on land that originally belonged to me and my deceased husband. I am old and about to die, I wish she could just wait for me and she takes what she wants," she told URN.
Nabirye leaves on the same piece of land with her son, George Kiggundu and his wife, Sefoloza Kiggundu. According Nabirye, she was forced to divide the land equally among her five children in March this year to stop the persistent quarrels with her daughter in law. Each child received an acre of land while Nabirye remained with two acres. 
"When my husband passed away, I divided our land among my five children. But now George's wife, Sefoloza is chasing me off my land. She uproots anything that I plant. I do not know what to do anymore," Nabirye said.
Part of the land hosts their family house and the burial ground for Nabirye's late husband. According to Nabirye, she has occupied the contested since 1955 when she got married to her deceased husband. Nabirye says her daughter in law has constructed a house in front of her home taking the quarrel to another level.

Some of the neighbors have thrown their weight behind Nabirye, saying she has lived on the contested land for more than 50 years. Elizabeth Kantono, a neighbor to Nabirye faults the local officials for failing to protect the widow after being compromised.


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According to Kantono, Nabirye has been left at the mercy of God since her land was rented out by her daughter in law for sugar cane growing leaving her with nowhere to plant food.
George Kiggundu says the land wrangles between his mother and his wife begun in 2002 after Sefoloza got a loan from the bank to build a house that she has failed to pay back. This prompted Sefoloza to rent out Nabirye's land to try and raise money.
Kiggundu says he doesn't know what to do to protect his mother from his wife and hopes government can help them.


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Sefoloza Kiggundu told URN that the land she uses was inherited by her husband Kiggundu. "When my mother-in-law was giving out the land, she gave me and George the biggest share because we look after her every day. She gave us two and a half acres of land," she said. 

Jane Kayikuzi, the Igeyero Village LC I Chairperson, denies accusations that they were paid off not to intervene in the land dispute, saying Sefoloza is a force to reckon with. Henry Kintu, the Mayuge District Police Commander, says land disputes among families in the district are common. 
He however, couldn't give the exact number of cases they register each month. 


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