A Bribe for a Cop Lands Two in Trouble

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In short
A bribe for a policeman has landed two in cells

Two men have been arrested for allegedly offering a 336,000 shilling bribe to a police officer.

George Birwanyi of Baggala zone,  in Goma division and Godfrey Kimula of Misindye village in Goma division, were arrested on Friday, after they were found bribing Gaston Twinamasiko, a police officer attached to Seeta police station.

The police officer says that the men were trying to negotiate the release of Ibra Kamuna, their friend who is being detained at Seeta Police station.

The men allegedly said that they were ready to part with any amount of money to secure the release of their friend who is believed to be the commander of the iron bar hit men.

Twinamatsiko alerted the DPC, Ashraf Chemonges, leading to the arrest of the two men just as they attempted to sneak the money into the police officers hands.

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