Abim Executive Censured Over Poor Performance

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Godfrey Omara Dbekas, the Abim District Council Speaker, says he hopes to see sanity return to the district after the censure.

Abim District Council has censured the entire District Executive Committee-DEC for poor performance. Those affected include Kevin Sarah Ayoo, the LC V Vice Chairperson who doubles as District Finance and Production Secretary, Caroline Ochieng, the District Health Secretary and Works Secretary, Vincent Mitala.

The officials are accused failing to manage their dockets leading to the mismanagement of huge sums of money. The charged council censured the district vice chairperson, Kevin Sarah Ayoo for alleged improper management of litigation against the district leading to the loss of millions of Shillings to staff and contractors.

Ayoo is also accused of diverting UNICEF funds to clear debts for the impounded district bus without consultation and approval from the council. She was also accused of doctoring the district budget and defying council resolutions on the upgrade of some health units in Magamaga.

While council resolved to upgrade Koya HC11 to HC111, Ayoo, who is the leader of government business, instead upgraded Wilela HC. Ayoo, together with other members of DEC is also faulted for alleged mismanagement of UNFPA funds amounting to 36 million Shillings. 

The council accused the DEC members for failing to monitor the utilization of funds in health, education, works and other projects in the district. Council also observed that Ayoo hadn't  attained the required age of at least 35 years when she was appointed district vice chairperson.

The Secretary for Health and Education, Caroline Ochieng was accused of poor performance in the health sector that put the district at 61st position out of 118 facilities monitored recently.

She is faulted for failing to manage staff absenteeism and ghost employees on the health department payroll. This follows a report from the State House Health Monitoring Unit that exposed ghost workers in the system.

The council also blames Ochieng for failing to manage the fleet and logistics of health department. They cited a recent case where the District chairperson, Jimmy Ochero was arrested for mismanaging a vehicle attached to the Abim Hospital.

They also noted that the secretary has failed to work out ways of repairing an ambulance that has been grounded for more than one year. Jimmy Olum, the Secretary for Production was ejected after council learnt that he had abandoned his work when he enrolled for full time studies at Gulu University, which has stalled several government projects.

Citing the distribution of goats under Discretionary District Equalization Grant to Awach Sub County, councilors observed that much as beneficiaries rejected the goats because they were blind, the sub county has been asked to pay the supplier since the secretary was not around to do his work.

Olum is also in trouble for allowing the distribution of cassava cuttings to farmers under the NUSAF 3 projects in October during dry season under.

They wondered why the contractor has been paid when farmers have lost due to negligence of the person in charge.  The Works Secretary, Vincent Mitala is faulted for failing to supervise, monitor and provide remedy to challenges affecting road works in the district.

Council noted that there is a lot of shoddy work in Opopongo, Lotu and Gwotapou roads yet the officer in charge is not raising anything against the contractors and those involved. 

He is also accused of failing to ensure proper utilization of road equipment donated by central government and utilization Uganda Road Fund meant for routine road maintenance. 

The same member reportedly watched more than 30 million Shillings appropriated by council for the creation of streets within the district headquarters in 2016/2017 squandered. 

Godfrey Omara Dbekas, the Abim District Council Speaker, says he hopes to see sanity return to the district after the censure. 

"We have been talking for long but this time, we want actions. All these issues we have been talking about including the rot in some of the officers have been shielded by these members of the DEC.  Can you imagine, just a few weeks, Integrated Financial Management System has worked and more than 200 million has been recovered, lying idle in the CFO's office. Even funds for women under UWEP have been released within a short time after the suspension of the CFO", Omara said.

Article 187 of the Constitution mandates the district council to censure a member of the executive over misconduct or poor performance among other issues. The District chairperson, Jimmy Ochero is expected to present a new list of nominees in the next council scheduled for February, 2019.