Albinos Petition Health Ministry for Free Anti-Sunshine Creams

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More than 50 Albinos in Luweero have petitioned Ministry of Health to for free anti sun shine cream that protects them from skin cancer.

More than 50 Albinos in Luweero have petitioned Ministry of Health to for free anti sun shine cream that protects them from skin cancer.  They claim that they are at high risk of cancer infection because their skin lacks melamine which absorbs ultra violet radiation from the sun. Ivan Bukenya, one of the Albinos says that the excessive heat from the sun has made his life and education difficult.

He says that when his skin is exposed to heat from the sun he feels like his skin is burning, which forces him to abandon studies and keep indoors. Bukenya explains that he tried to search for the anti sun shine creams in health centers in Luweero in vain. Another albino, Richard Ssedinda says that he was sacked from his teaching job because of absenteeism when he stayed home to avoid the effects of the sun on his body.

Ssedinda says that in addition to affecting his skin the sun also affects his eye sight.  Samali Lukabwe, an official of Uganda Albino Association says that the anti-sunshine cream sold on the open market is too expensive for most of their members.
She explains that a cream that take a person for two weeks costs is sold between shillings 25000-50,000 shillings which too costly. Lukabwe says that most of the albinos need to apply the cream daily to absorb the ultra violet rays to protect them from sun burns but most of them cannot afford it.  She says that as a result of their members have been affected by skin cancer with no hope of survival.

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Lukabwe says the lack of free anti-sunshine creams is more less a denial of their right to good health. She appeals to the ministry to provide the creams in lower health centers for them to access it.

Esther Kyozira, programme manager for Human Right in National Union of Disabled persons in Uganda says that because of stigmatization and low self esteem many albinos are living miserable lives which calls for government intervention to help them.

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Rukia Nakamatte, the spokesperson  Ministry of Health publicist declined to comment on the matter saying that she needs more to consult on the demand by the Albinos. Through Luweero Albino association, the members hope to push for better health services and fight for their rights. Deborah Nalubega, Luweero LC 5 PWD councilor says that there are between 50-60 Albinos in her district


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