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According to Mbabazi, the 2016 elections are about the future and making Uganda work for everyone.

Ex-premier John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has finally announced his presidential bid. In a video message released this morning, Mbabazi says he will offer himself for election as  the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party flag bearer.

"I come before you today to tell you that i will be seeking your vote first within my party the National Resistance Movement as its flag bearer and later on in the whole country for president in the 2016 elections," Mbabazi said.

According to Mbabazi, the 2016 elections are about the future and making Uganda work for everyone. He says the elections are about invigorating the country and making it fit for the 21th century and beyond.

Adding that it is about breathing new life into the system of government, which he says has become weak and inefficient. He says there is need to revive the country's mission to improve education, health and public services to ensure they are delivered fairly and to high standards.

Mbabazi also says there is need to restore the NRM party and return to its roots as a genuine, accountable and democratic movement. He says Uganda as a country needs to rediscover its democratic principal.

Mbabazi argues that the country has made a lot of achievements such as unity, increased prosperity and attained a greater level of security since independence and won respect of the international community.
According to Mbabazi, there is too much for the country to be proud of to allow anyone to belittle the gains. He says it is abundantly clear that what Ugandans want now is not simply a change in leadership and order, but a change in leadership and systems.

He says to bring about this change there is need to focus on reviving Uganda's Democracy and Institutions, transforming the economy and attracting heavy local and foreign investments, promoting equitable development, where all regions benefit from the decisions of government, providing jobs that are fit for the 21st country.
Others are ensuring a greater level of accountability on the part of the leaders, enforcing and observance and respect for the rule of law while ensuring security for all, providing good and quality health care, making a stronger effort at fighting corruption at all levels , providing good quality health care and enhancing education and addressing the skills gap.
According to Mbabazi, 43 years ago he joined the struggle against the destructive forces that were threatening to derail the self-governing hopes and dreams of the new democracy.
"As most of you know I have dedicated many of my years to serving the people of Uganda.  My loyalty is absolute. It is to the people and constitution of Uganda' he said. 


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