Amnesty International Asks Government To Drop Charges Against Opposition Leaders

1259 Views Kampala, Uganda
Amnesty International, says The Ugandan authorities must drop all criminal charges against several leading opposition party members who were temporarily detained on Monday for taking part in “Walk to Work” protests.

The opposition politicians, including FDC leader Kiiza Besigye and Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao, were arrested during demonstrations calling for people to walk to work in protest at fuel price rises.

After hours of detention, the leaders were released on bail and face a range of charges including ‘inciting violence’ and ‘holding unlawful assemblies’.

Most of the politicians were later released on bail but still face criminal charges.

Dr. Godfrey Odongo, Amnesty International Researcher on Uganda, says the decision by police to stifle the protests and the force used against the protesters was an outrageous affront to freedom of expression.

Dr Odongo says that Government must not use criminal charges against people engaged in peaceful protests, and those still in custody must be released.

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