Anaka Hospital in Ruins

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The mismanagement of the only hospital in Amuru is causing untold hardship for residents of the northern Ugandan district. Anaka Hospital was built in the 1960s under former President Apollo Obote's government. It is a giant structure located on a large plot of land. In its heyday it was a center for medical excellence in the region. Now what remains is a shadow of the glorious past. Although there is a great demand for health services, less than half of the 120 beds in the in-patients ward are filled. Many people have shunned the hospital because doctors and nurses regularly abscond from duty and drugs are in short supply. By 11 a.m., mothers and wailing children are lying on hospital beds anxious for the few health workers to show up for duty. At the out-patients ward, hundreds of people wait to be attended to. David Akena, one of the patients, said he had waited since 7 a.m. for attention, but wasn't seen by a doctor till after noon. He said the conditions at the hospital are appalling. He said Anaka Hospital has no running water, electricity or a functional sanitary system. //Cue in: "I have come here ..." Cue out: "... enough workers."// The area LC3 chairperson, Dennis Okema, says he is aware of the appalling conditions at Anaka Hospital. He says the local leadership has attempted to address the problem, by the hospital administration has failed to rectify the situation. Okema says many of the staff at the hospital are demoralized by poor pay and the lack of accommodation near the facility. //Cue in: "At times ..." Cue out: "... uselessly like that."// Dr. Julius Olwedo, the Medical Superintendent of Anaka Hospital, was unavailable to answer questions regarding the hospital despite several attempts to meet him at his office and to call him by phone.