Anti-Corruption NGO Criticizes Large Cabinet, Parliament

1985 Views Kampala, Uganda
Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda, a local Non Governmental Organization has criticized the enlarged size of Cabinet and Parliament because of their implications on the meager national resources of the country. The Coordinator of the Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda, Geoffrey Rwakabale says President Yoweri Museveni should have concentrated on improving the systems through which his government delivers services to the people instead of increasing the size of his Cabinet. Rwakabale described the huge cabinet of 69 ministers intended to bring Ugandans out of poverty as a big joke. //Cue in: iIts not individuals, it's# Cue out: #poor country like this onei// Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda is also concerned that Members of the 7th Parliament are going to be paid for no work done as a result of shortening their term of office by two months. Rwakabale calls upon the MPs to emulate the Governor Bank of Uganda, Emmanuel Mutebile who refused to take 48 million shillings in allowances as member of the commission of inquiry into the mismanagement of the Global Fund. //Cue in: iWe are saddened that members# Cue out: #mismanagement of the Global Fundi// MPs who made it to the 8th Parliament will be getting double salaries for May and June as MPs from the 7th Parliament whose term was shortened and as MPs of the 8th Parliament who started work in May.


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