Apac Gets New District Service Commission Members

Nicholas Opio Bunga, the former Apac LC V chairperson is the new District Service Commission chairperson. The district council approved his nomination and other members of the Commission in an extra ordinary meeting held on Monday.

The other members of Apac District Service Commission include Erick Odyeny, a retired Grade II magistrate, Margret Odot, Sam Ben Emer and Dr. Ambrose Onapa.  
Bob Okae, the Apac LC V chairperson, has welcomed the approval of the new District Service Commission members, saying it has been difficult to work with the Commission, which supports service delivery to residents.
Akacha KK, the Aduku Town Council LC 5 councilor, says the composition of the District Service Commission will help accounting officers to effectively deliver services to their voters.

Geoffrey Eling Owera, the Apac District Health and Education Secretary, has challenged the new appointees to show commitment to the cause of the district by dedicating their time to work.

Florence Acuma, the Apac district Female Youth councilor has asked the District Service Commission members to place the interests of the district at the forefront. The Commission is expected to start work immediately it is approved by the Public Service Ministry.  

The District Service Commission is mandated with recruitment of staff in the district.