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According to Agondua, he is not willing to join the Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution because Ayivu clan is autonomous.

Mike Agondua, the Ayivu County Chief in Arua district has declined to nominate a representative to the Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution, a week to the appointment of a new executive. According to Agondua, he is not willing to join the Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution because Ayivu clan is autonomous.

Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution brings together different clans of the Lugbara community. On 23rd June 2015, government through the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development officially recognised the Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution. 
As a result, government directed the leadership of the Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution to disband the current executive and appoint new members to pave way for the installation of Jason Avutia, the cultural head of the institution locally known as Agofe.

Avutia directed elders in Lower and Upper Madi, Vurra, Ayivu, Terego, Maracha counties and Arua Municipality to submit names of two elders each for appointment to the executive within two weeks.

Haruna Ndema, the Prime Minister Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution says they have only received 10 names from Vurra, Lower and Upper Madi, Terego counties and Arua Municipality. Maracha County is yet to identify an elder for appointment to the executive.

//Cue in: "Everybody can't accept
Cue out… "They can come on board"//

The executive of Lugbara Kari Cultural Institution is comprised of 14 members including the prime minister. The failure by Maracha and Ayivu counties to submit names of their representative has delayed the vetting exercise and installation of the executive.

Haruna however, says the 10 members are enough to install the Agofe and form an executive. He says the remaining vacancies will be filled once the remaining counties choose their representatives.

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Cue out… Not represented"//
Lugbara Kari started as an elder's association in 1962 before it evolved into a cultural institution in 2000. This came after government reinstated cultural institutions in 1996. 


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