Bad Roads Cause Price Hike Along Soroti - Amuria Route

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Presently transport fare from Soroti to Kapelebyong in Amuria district is between 8,000 to 10,000 shillings by taxi or pick -up vehicles.

Business persons and commuters along Soroti - Amuria road have blamed Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) for the increase in transport fares due to the bad roads. 
Presently transport fare from Soroti to Kapelebyong in Amuria district is between 8,000 to 10,000 shillings by taxi or pick -up vehicles.
While transport from Soroti to Kapelebyong by motorcycle costs 30,000 shillings.
Steven C. Sikuku, the Uganda National Roads Authority Soroti Station engineer, admits that the road network in Amuria has suffered badly due to the heavy rains.
Sikuku explains that the heavy rains have made it difficult to carry out road maintenance in Teso region.
 //Cue in: “From August…
Cue out:..react to disaster”//
Some of the central roads include  Arapai border in Soroti to Amuria Town council to Kapelebyong, Amuria to Katakwi border, Amuria Obalanga to Abim and Amuria Orungo to  Okude.
Sikuku points out that, UNRA does not have emergency funds to carry out repairs.
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Cue out:…blame UNRA”//
Augustine Opolot, a businessman in Kapelebyong, says when the vehicles break down they are forced to spend a night on the way.
He says the worst areas are swampy places in Amuria. Others are from Soroti to Amuria, from Amuria to Kapelebyong.
The cost of making the journey is heavy and varies and has forced business people to increase the prices of their goods.
For example, Opolot indicates that they sell sugar at 3200 shillings that is sold in Soroti at 2500 shillings
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Cue out:…bad roads”//
Joseph Ogwang a resident of Kapelebyong notes that, because of the bad roads in Amuria transport fare have increased from 7000 to 10,000 by use of taxi.
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Cue out:…to cover the holes”//
Alex Odilit, well known as Bongil, a driver commuting along Soroti – Kapelebyong notes that a journey that should be four hours can last three days when it rains.  
Odilit blames UNRA for delaying to work on the roads in Amuria


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