Banyabindi Community Reject Proposed Split of Kasese District

5922 Views Kasese, Uganda
Francis Kamuhanda, spokesman of the minority Banyabindi community is protesting a proposal to curve two new districts out of Kasese. On Tuesday, Kasese District Council passed a resolution to split Kasese into three districts. According to the draft proposal the districts will be known as Lubiriha, Kasese and Rwenzori. The boundary of the proposed Lubiriha district starts from the Uganda Congo boarder at river Rubiriha to river Nyamugasani. While the boundary of Kasese will run from river Nyamugasani to Sebwe, and that of Rwenzori starts from river Rwimi on the boundary with Kabarole district. On Friday, Francis Kamuhanda, spokesman of Banyabindi community issued rejected the district proposal. According to the press statement issued by Kamuhanda, the creation of the new districts will not address the problems of intrigue in the region. He said that the splitting of Kasese into three is aimed at solving problems of a few individuals. Julius Kithaghenda, Kasese LC V chairman on Tuesday defended the creation of the new district saying it will bring services closer to the people. He explained that the district is not being split along tribal lines but to help improve service delivery. The idea of splitting the district has created excitement amongst most residents of Kasese.