Basoga express mixed feelings on criteria of chosing Kyabazinga

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Following the sharply contested election of the new Kyabazinga of Busoga kingdom, a cross section of Basoga have spoken their minds on the future elections of their cultural leader. Bishop Samuel Kamaanya Lubogo of the Source of the Nile Charismatic Episcopal Church and a member of the Busoga parliament says the election of Edward Columbus Muloki is normal because that is what Busoga has been doing since the 19th century. He says all leaders of Busoga have been coming from Wako Muloki's lineage. Bishop Samuel Kamaanya says Edward Wako is the last king they are electing successive kings will be hereditary. However Chief Luba Munulo Juma of Bunya Chiefdom in Mayuge district strongly disagrees and says that a Kyabazinga should be in power for at least fifteen years as he had outlined it in the memorandum opposing the election of the new Isebantu. He says voting is still viable provided there is a fair environment. //Cue in: As long as#// //Cue out: #our Kyabazinga. /// Businessman Naiduba Muloki of the Jinja Central market says election of the Kyabazinga should be replaced with a hereditary system. He believes that electing cultural leaders may lead to segregation and discrimination among the subjects. On Friday, Busoga chiefs elected a new Kyabazinga Edward Columbus Muloki Wako son to the late Kyabazinga Wako Muloki. Edward Muloki's would be opponents Chief William Gabula of Bugabula chief pulled out of the elections shortly before the voting exercise began. Gabula argued that elections were illegal since the constitutional court had issued an interim injunction stopping the polls.


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