Bat Valley Primary School Registers Slow Student Turn Up

934 Views Kampala, Uganda
Fewer pupils than usual have today reported for the first day of the school year term at Bat Valley Primary School. The slow turn up has been attributed to the controversies surrounding the school's ownership. The Shree Sanatan Dharma Mandal Association recently renewed its lease on Bat Valley Primary School. The association issued an eviction order to the school to allow it to renovate the dilapidated buildings and transform it into modern primary and secondary school. The usually busy School was conspicuously quiet with minimal activity from the 300 pupils that reported for the first day of the school term. Sarah Baziwe, the School's Headmistress is however confident that the numbers will increase during the week. She says the school usually registers about 500 pupils on the first day of reporting with the numbers increasing during the week. The conflict between the School Administration and the Asian proprietors was a subject of investigation by the Parliamentary Social Services Committee which is yet to come up with a report. Last week, the Ministry of Education dispatched a team of surveyors to measure the school land and assess the condition of the structures. The Headmistress says she was told by Ministry officials that the measurements and assessment was for an intended renovation of the dilapidated structures. Some of the structures were built in 1938, and the roofs of the classrooms are now leaking.