Besigye: Tarehe Sita Lost Meaning After Museveni Usurped Power

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NRA Liberation war veteran and former FDC President Col (Rtd) Kizza Besigye has downplayed the army's Tarehe Sita celebrations saying lost meaning.
Speaking to URN, Besigye who has lost elections thrice to President Museveni, said government continuous injustices, is a manifestation that it isn't honouring the blood shed by comrade during the liberation struggle.

National Resistance Army liberation war veteran and former FDC President Col (Rtd) Kizza Besigye says there is no need for the army to celebrate Tarehe Sita.

Besigye in an interview said the celebration would only be meaningful if the army was not being used to perpetrate some of the injustices and abuse of power being witnessed in the country.
He said the idea behind the NRA liberation struggle was to return power to the ordinary people from usurpers.
Besigye says the sacrifices of some of the liberation fighters like him have not been honoured and that the power that the fighters wanted to be returned to the ordinary Ugandans continues to be usurped.

He said like during the Obote II regimes, everything in Uganda begun d going wrong when government usurped people's power.
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Besigye said the president shouldn't be telling people of Uganda's sovereignty when they have no control of their country.
Besigye he said there will be a moment when Ugandans will push and take back their powers on how and who should govern them.

He says President Museveni has diverted from the major aim of the liberation struggle. He said they wanted  to liberate the state from grabbers and reinstitute state institutions.

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He said UPDF like  NRA continues to be the armed wing of NRM. He called for review of the army and build it as an institution that is independent and can serve any  other government that comes with a new ideology.