Besigye Threatens to Sue Radio Stations for denying him Access

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The Inter Party Cooperation (IPC) presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, has threatened to sue radio stations that have denied him airtime to the opposition candidates. If serious, six Radio Stations in Western Uganda could be in trouble for refusing to host a presidential candidate. The stations are Bunyoro Broadcasting Services, King's Broadcasting Services, Kitara FM, Spice FM, Radio Hoima and Liberty Broadcasting Services. Last week, four radio stations in Hoima district, refused to host Besigye, despite the fact that he paid money to secure airtime for his campaign. At KKCR Radio, Besigye's programme started at 9pm expected to last one hour, but 19 minutes into the programme, management allegedly switched off the radio claiming that the generator had developed technical problems. In Ibanda district, Besigye was treated to a rude shock when a radio station refunded 1.2 million shillings the IPC had paid to host Besigye at on a Radio programme. The management of Rwenzori F.M radio station in Ibanda, is said to have refunded the money under unclear circumstances to the chagrin of Besigye. Addressing a news conference in Fort-Portal, Besigye said that the legal team of the IPC is working out the grounds of the suit against the Radio stations. Besigye also said that the Uganda Communications Commission should issue out sanctions to the radio stations for their actions because everyone is entitled to the airwaves. //Cue in: "what the radio stations are doing..." Cue out: "...making it a political issue."// Besigye also said that by refusing to host him, the Radio Stations are conniving with the ruling party to deny him an opportunity to spread his message far and wide. //Cue in: "this kind of behavior shows..." Cue out: "...incumbent handling this campaign."// Meanwhile, Besigye was for three hours last night hosted on Better F.M in Fort Portal. Besigye's appearance on the radio took NRM leaders and security agents by surprise because they expected him to be hosted on Monday. Patrick Nyakahuma, the manager Better F.M says that he received several telephone calls from NRM leaders and security agents in the district telling him not to host Besigye on the radio. According to the electoral commission guidelines, all presidential candidates are expected to have fair access to the public media.


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