Besigye Promises to Reform Land Laws

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Andrew Kikweete, a resident of Bukolooto in Kayunga agrees with Besigyes proposal to reform land laws.

Dr. Kizza Besigye, the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party presidential candidate has asked voters in Kayunga District to vote for change so as to regain control of the country.  

According to Besigye, currently most Ugandans don't have a say in the affairs of the country.   He says the people in Kayunga and other part of the country know those behind the theft of their land and public resources but they can't do anything about it.

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Besigye was addressing addressing voters at Kayunga Nursing School Play Grounds on Tuesday during his campaign rally. He promised to review land laws in the country to protect land owners once elected into power arguing that the existing land laws are too weak to protect Ugandans from land grabbing.

Andrew Kikweete, a resident of Bukolooto in Kayunga agrees with Besigye's proposal to reform land laws. He said in Kayunga district hundreds of people have been displaced from their land illegally by some individuals acting on orders from above.  

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Assadi Naliku, the Kayunga FDC party spokesperson says people in the district are ready for change.
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Andrew Kikwete says Besigye's consistence and perseverance has won him support from many people.
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Besigye was received by FDC supporters clad in their party T-shirts and chanting party slogans at Ssezibwa Bridge. He led a procession in the company of dozens of Boda Boda motorists and vehicles through various villages to Kayunga town council as he flashed the FDC V sign to the excited members of the public.
Besigye made brief stopovers to address residents on his way to Baale, Busaana and Kitimbwa sub counties for rallies.