Besigye Promises More Money for Teachers, Doctors and Farmers Top story


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Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Kizza Besigye says he will allocate more money to agriculture, education and healthcare, if elected president in 2016.

Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Kizza Besigye says he will allocate more money to agriculture, education and healthcare if elected president in 2016.

Besigye, whose rally attracted a mammoth crowd at Kisoro Mayor's Gardens, in Kisoro town, decried the low budget allocation to agriculture yet it employees over 75% of Ugandans.
The three-time presidential contender is currently hunting for votes in western Uganda. Kisoro district is his third stop over. He was accompanied by FDC party president, Mugisha Muntu and other party leaders.
Besigye said the money which should have been used to cater for the needs of farmers is instead spent at State House, and other issues that do not contribute to the well-being of Ugandans. He vowed to cut the State House expenditure and reallocate the money to agriculture if elected.
In the "new Uganda", Besigye said, his government will focus on promoting the welfare of the majority. He promises to increase pay for teachers and health workers. He promised to increase the monthly pay of a primary school teacher from the current Shilling 275,000 to Shillings 650,000 and that of doctors to Shillings 3.5 million per month. The highest paid medical specialist currently earns Shillings 3million.
Besigye before addressing the rally was forced to abandon his vehicle to foot to the venue of the rally because of impassable roads. He walked for several kilometers from Mulamba to Katate in Kisoro where hundreds of people were waiting to listen to him.

Unlike in the past when Besigye used to have poorly attended rallies in Kisoro District, the rally on Wednesday was quite impressive with people from different parts of the district in attendance.
Just like it has been the trend in other areas where Besigye has held rallies, supporters raised an unspecified amount of money which they said was to cater for his fuel.
Also several card-holding members of the ruling National Resistance Movement party in Kisoro surrendered their cards to Besigye, saying they were tired with the current leadership and ready for change.
Kefa Muhire, a barber in Kisoro town told Uganda Radio Network that the people of Kisoro were NRM diehards but now feel that it is time for change. He says that they have not experienced the benefits of voting the same person in power time and again.
Felix Mugisha, a farmer in Kisoro says Besigye is likely to offer a solution to their problems and will definitely vote for him so that the agriculture sector can get a new face.
Besigye started his campaign rallies from Rubungiri town board - Bufumbira North County and then headed to Katete Trading Centre in Muramba sub county - Bufumbira South to Kisoro town at Mayors Gardens in the evening and crowned it all with a stopover at Kanaba trading centre.