Bishop Attacks Tooro Kingdom For Breaking Traditions

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Kisembo notes that the kingdom tradition and customs require the King to first attend prayers before proceeding to the palace for the celebrations.

Tooro Kingdom has come under attack from the Bishop Rwenzori Diocese, Reuben Kisembo for breaking with tradition.   
On Saturday, Bishop Kisembo shunned King Oyo's 20th coronation anniversary in Fort Portal, which surprised the guests.
In the past, Kisembo and clergy have always attended Oyo's coronation anniversaries or sent representatives. However this time they did not show up.
Kisembo defended his absence at the function saying that the kingdom broke with  the traditions  of holding prayers at the church first. He says King Oyo disrespected the institution of the church. 
Kisembo notes that the kingdom tradition and customs require the King to first attend prayers before proceeding to the palace for the celebrations which includes rituals and speeches.   
//Cue in: "the main reason…
Cue out: "…go to the palace."//
According to Kisembo, the kingdom authorities communicated to the church that the King would attend prayers on Friday. Kisembo however says that the clergy and the choir prepared for the church service, but Oyo did not show up.
//Cue in; "the King had promised…
Cue out: "…in church."//
Rev. Richard Baguma, a former kingdom regent says that the Kingdom should value the traditions. Baguma explains that Oyo should respect the tradition that was started by his great grandfather, King David Kyebambe Kasagama IV.
Baguma adds that since King Oyo, was crowned King by the church in 1994, attending prayers is a must. 
But Kennedy Gusalire, the kingdom spokesperson explains that the King couldn't attend prayers because of his busy schedule.  He says that Oyo had to attend some of the activities that had been lined up to celebrate the event. They included opening the surgical camp at Fort Portal referral hospital and the clan football tournament. 
However a source at the kingdom palace says that the kingdom authorities are not happy with Kisembo because he has not tried to protect King Oyo from hostility of  the subjects. The source says that Bishop Kisembo is viewed as a sympathizer of Tooro rebel Prince David Kijanangoma , a claim the Bishop has denied in the past.
According to the source, the King's aides cite the Easter Day church service at St. John's Cathedral when Kisembo recognized Kijanagoma. 
The source also adds that the kingdom authorities are not happy with the mediation team headed by Kisembo.  The team was put in place to intervene in the conflicts following threats from Prince David Kijanangoma to dethrone Oyo.
Last month, the Kingdom Premier Bernard Tungwako petitioned President Museveni to disband the kingdom mediation team. Other members of the committee include Fort Portal Diocese Bishop Robert Muhiirwa, Bishop Jimmy Katuramu and Sheikh Habibu Mande, the former Tooro region Khadi.
King Oyo and Queen Mother Best Kemigisa are yet to appear before the committee. 


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