Madi And West Nile Diocesan Bishop Consecrated

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In short
Bishop Collins Charles Andaku formally took over the 1:45am amidst jubilation and ululation.

Rt. Rev. Collins Charles Andaku has been installed as the seventh Bishop of Madi and West Nile Diocese. Andaku replaces Bishop Joel Obetia, who is retiring from service. 
The colourful ceremony that attracted thousands of Christians from within and outside the Diocese was presided over by the Archbishop Of the Church of Uganda, the Most Reverend Stephen Ntagali.

Archbishop Ntagali urged the new Bishop to work hard to further the work of God. Bishop Andaku is his acceptance speech said he humbled by the love the Christians have shown him and the family during the course of his work. He says he has a huge challenge getting to accomplish the works started by the predecessor,  Joel Obetia. 

He says the Challenges of youth unemployment, drug abuse, land wrangles and unguided western culture are eroding the moral fabric in the diocese  and for is generations to come.

He says special attention  will be given to the refugees in the camps who have suffered for years. He says all this will need a concerted effort of all the actors, both government and no state actors.Bishop Andaku says a big emphasis will be made in economic  empowerment of the Christians for self sustainability. 

According to him, the church has enough land which has he will work to turn it to income generating activities of sustain the Diocese. Andaku also says to achieve all these, the church has led that is being encroached on by the neighbouring communities will be reclaimed through local leaders and peaceful engagements.

On education,  Andaku says his focus will be in improving teaching and learning in schools to improve quality. He says both formal and Christian education will be enhanced.  He says technical schools will be set up for those who cannot continue with secondary education. 
Andaku also pledged to uphold the welfare of the clergy to ensure that they perform their duties diligently. 


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