Bishop Niringiye Attacks Government Over Jiggers

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Zac Niringiye, chairperson of the Uganda African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is blaming the wide spread of jiggers in Busoga to a leadership crisis. He blames the leaders of failing to address the looming poverty has affected the livelihood of several Ugandans. According to Niringiye it is laughable for the country in the current century to start a national campaign to get rid of jiggers. //Cue In "The point I'm making Cue Out ... do we have teachers in those schools? // Niringiye says that the jigger problem in Busoga and Kayunga also reflects the breakdown in the social protection mechanism for children, the elderly and care for one another with in communities. ///Cue In "Somebody must take responsibility.... Cue Out... you understand"// Rebecca Kadaga, the Deputy speaker of Parliament agrees that the jigger problem is partly a result of the failure by local leaders to ensure hygiene at local levels. Kadaga is now involved in a local campaign to ensure that low level leaders in each of the nine districts of Busoga pass by laws to enforce weekly smearing of floors with cow dung and anthill soil This week, ministry of health launched a national campaign to eradicate jiggers from Kamuli. The blood-sucking parasites have infested the entire Busoga region and now spread to Kayunga district.


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