Body of Human Sacrifice Witchdoctor still Unclaimed in City Mortuary

1215 Views Kampala, Uganda
The body of a Kampala witchdoctor accused of conducting human sacrifice is still lying at the City Mortuary three days after he died. Musa Bogere, the witchdoctor, was arrested on Monday when a pair of human legs was found at his shrine in Bwaise. During his interrogation he elated grotesque details of the sacrifice of humans and dogs to help his clients get blessings for prosperity and wealth. The police claim that while in detention, Bogere suddenly fell ill and was rushed to Mulago Hospital where he died early on Tuesday morning. A postmortem report of Bogere's death has not yet been released to the public. The Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihira claims that the witchdoctor died of internal bleeding, but he has not provided medical evidence of this. Edward Senoga, the Secretary Defence of Defence of Kisenyi Zone in Bwaise, where Bogere plied his trade, says no one from the area will claim his body. He says he does not know where Bogere lived and had for long been demanding that he be expelled from the area. 64 people in Kisenyi Zone signed a petition to evict Bogere, but he died before it was presented. Senoga says Bogere's death was a blessing and the people of Kisenyi Zone won't have anything else to do with him. The head of the police Anti-Human Sacrifice Unit, Moses Binoga, says Bogere's family is free to claim his body from City Mortuary if they so wish.