Bosco Ntaganda Surrenders to US Embassy in Kigali.

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Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda surrenders to US Embassy in Kigali.

Indicted Congolese War lord Bosco Ntaganda has surrendered to the United States Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda.

According to sources in Rwanda, Ntaganda sneaked into the US Embassy on Monday morning. Rwanda's Foreign Minister Louis Mushikwabo has confirmed the surrender of the Congolese war lord, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague for War Crimes and crimes against humanity. The news of Ntaganda's surrender comes a few hours after the Rwandan government denied claims by the Democratic Repuplic of the Congo-DRC and the M23 rebels indicating that the warlord had crossed to neighboring Rwanda.

His surrender follows the defeat of forces loyal to Bishop Jean Marie Runiga, the former Civilian leader of the M23 rebels. Runiga and his forces fled to Rwanda after failing to hold the battle ground against the rebel faction led by Brigadier General Sultan Makenga at Kibumba. Runiga is believed to have joined forces with Ntaganda after he was sacked from the leadership of the M23 rebels for alleged failure to implement the political programs of the rebel movement. 

Ntaganda was first indicted in 2006 by the ICC for allegedly recruiting child soldiers. His merciless acts earned him the nickname"Terminator Tango". The ICC prosecutor slapped additonal charges of rape, murder, persecution based on ethnic grounds and the deliberate targeting of civilians in May 2012. This was as a result of the evidence given during the trial of his co-accused and former boss, Thomas Lubanga, who was convicted by ICC court. A witness testified in the court that as a child he fought alongside "The Terminator” and referred to him as a man who Kills people with ease.

The US embassy in Kigali has not yet commented as our reporter couldn't reach any of the officials there.