Broadcasting Council Clears Shaka Ssali To Be Hosted on Mbale Radio

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In short
"I wonder where the RDC derives his powers from to stop the talk show"

The broadcasting council has cleared Dr. Shaka Ssali, the ‘Voice of America’ talk show host to appear on a private radio and television station in Mbale.

Paul Nangoli, the Mbale Resident District Commissioner yesterday warned the management of Step Radio and Television stations against hosting Shaka Ssali. The RDC, without elaborating, said hosting Ssali would jeopardize the security of the district.

But Engineer Godfrey Mtabazi, the Chairman Uganda Broadcasting Council has trashed the directive made by the RDC and urged the radio station to go ahead and host Ssali.

Mutabazi told Uganda Radio Network that the duty to regulate the media lies with the broadcasting council and not the office of the resident district commissioner. He wondered where RDC Nangoli got his authority to order the radio station not to host Ssali.

Mutabazi explains that the RDC or government should have channeled their complaints through his office and not to take an outrageous decision to stop a radio talk show.

Jonathan Tusubira, the operations manager of Step Radio and Television, confirms that Uganda Broadcasting Council gave them a go ahead to host the veteran journalist but they were yet to get a communication from the RDC.
He however says the show will go ahead as planned.

RDC Nangoli could not be reached on his cell-phone but his deputy Emma Mitala claimed they have lifted the ban on the talk show. Mitala however says that the RDC, being the head of the district security committee, has the right to block a radio show if it threatens the security of the area.

But he did not disclose what security risk Shaka Ssali would pose to Mbale district if he is hosted on radio.

Shaka Ssali is to be hosted this evening from 7-9pm to discuss press freedom.