Bududa Landslide Survivors Stranded

1520 Views Bududa, Eastern Region, Uganda
Survivors of the tragic landslide that hit Bududda last week, are stranded at Bulucheke with no accommodation and adequate shelter. On Monday, more than 2,200 landslide survivors were relocated from Bulucheke Secondary School to Bulucheke camp. Several tents were erected at the camp to provide a temporary shelter. But now the people are unhappy about the inadequate services at the camp. The tents are too congested and people are worried that this could result into an outbreak of diseases. Each tent is housing between 30 and 50 people. Under normal circumstances, such a tent would accommodate 15 people. Margaret Kainja, an expectant mother, fears that the congested tent could affect the health of her unborn baby. // Cue in: "We are too congested..."Cue out "....we are thirty" // Bosco Watira, another victim says the situation in the men's tents is even worse. Up to 50 men are cramped in just one tent. // Cue in: "The tent is not..."Cue out "...not in bed" // Watira says the survivors are also facing a serious sanitation problem. There is just one soak pit latrine for the more than 2000 survivors in the camp. In other news, the total number of people who have contracted diarrhea in the camp now stands at 167. Catherine Ntabade, the Red Cross Communications Manger, says of the 167 cases recorded, only one turned positive for dysentery. She says majority of victims have been discharged from hospital and are back at the camp.


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