Buganda Wants Kabaka Education Fund Beneficiaries To Support Kingdom

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Buganda Kingdom is currently rebuilding its database to have all beneficiaries of the Kabaka Education Fund donate to the fund as a way of strengthening it.

Buganda Kingdom is currently rebuilding its database to have all beneficiaries of the Kabaka Education Fund donate to the fund as a way of strengthening it.
Buganda Education Minister, Hajj Twaha Kaawaase revealed this in an interview with Uganda Radio Network. Kawaase noted that the database of beneficiaries was destroyed during the turmoil when government soldiers attacked the Kingdom Headquarters at Bulange in 1966.
Kaawaase said that the beneficiaries are to form an Alumni Association of the Kabaka Education Fund and will be called upon to make an annual contribution to the Fund. He said that currently, the Education Fund gets only physical items in form donations citing text books and computers which are later given to schools or institutions to which the beneficiaries go to.
Kaawaase noted that they are also planning to write funding proposals to development partners and those organizations having an education bias in their programs so that they support the Kabaka’s Education Fund. 
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He revealed that currently approximately 15,000 people have benefited from the Education Fund since the coronation of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi in 1993.
Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga noted that Kabaka’s Education Fund does not help everyone but particularly caters for orphans since it does not have enough funds.
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On Kabaka’s bursaries offered to one student per district at Muteesa I Royal University, Kaawaase noted that this system is also currently being reviewed and that a committee has been set up to sieve bursaries offered to the students at district level by Chief Administration Officers.
Kaawaase said that this is envisaged to change the system through which these students get to the University adding that some of the students who were sent directly to the University never met the required standards.
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Currently a list displayed at the Education Department at Bulange has 52 secondary schools and 18 institutions of Higher Learning with 2014 bursaries.
Requirements for one to get a bursary are a passport photo, photocopy of Senior Four and Senior Six results, Letter requesting for a bursary and knowledge of one’s linage.


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