Bugembe Residents Demand Road Repairs

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In short
The bad state of the roads in the town council has impacted negatively on business.

Residents of Bugembe town council are up in arms against the authorities for failing to repair the road network that has been devastated by the heavy down pour. The bad state of the roads in the town council has impacted negatively on business. Some of the most affected roads are Saza, Katwe, Budhumbuli loop, Kisenyi, Mufumba, and Nakayonyi roads.

The road leading to Wanyange, Nakanyonyi and Igenge hills is in a sorry state. The roads are full of huge potholes and the drainage channels are silted. Tina Kirunda, a resident of Cathedral road says they have not benefited from the road funds remitted to the town council. She says that roads have been washed away by rain water rendering some parts in Nakanyonyi, Igenge, Budhumbuli and Buwekula inaccessible. As a result, traders are now struggling with the extra costs of hiring casual laborers to offload and deliver merchandise to their shops.

Allan Kalamba, a resident of Budhumbuli west in Bugembe town council questions why the local government has failed to use money generated from property rates to repair the road network. He claims vehicle owners spend not less than 100,000 shillings each month to repair their trucks that break down because of the bad roads. Kalamba says that they have convened several meetings to lobby Bugembe town council to repair the roads in vain.

He claims that the business community recently offered to contribute some money towards the repair of the road network, but the proposal was rejected by the town council. Charles Mugweri, the engineer Bugembe town council says the town council has a road network of 58km. He however, explains that it is impossible to repair the entire road network because of budgetary constraints. Bugembe town council receives 120 million shillings each year, which can only do less than 10 kilometres. He however, says that under the force on account, more roads will be worked on.

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Steven Wante, the Bugembe LC3 Chairperson says they need more than 1 billion shillings each financial year to repair the road network.

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