Bugiri District Set for Indoor Residual Spraying

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Indoor residual spraying â�" IRS of Bendiocarb a chemical used to kill mosquitoes and other insects will begin next week in Busoga region on 20,April -2015.

Indoor residual spraying to kill mosquitoes that spread malaria will begin next week in the districts of Bugiri and Namutumba in Busoga region. 

Dr Simon Peter Mbabazi, a Field Coordinator with the Ministry of Health said the areas have the highest number of mosquitoes that spread malaria, the leading cause of illness and deaths in Uganda.

Between 70,000 and 100,000 child deaths that occur annually in Uganda are attributable to malaria, the World health Organization said in a report released in December. The statistic  ranks Uganda as one of the countries with the highest malaria prevalence rates globally.

Isaac Malinga, the Bugiri District Health Inspector said the exercise will last for one month, targeting 75,914 households from 61 parishes.

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The residual spray exercise will be carried out every six months for three years. Malinga said this is based on scientific proof that Bendiocarb, the insecticide to be used in the exercise stays effective for up to six months.

Malinga said spray operators have been trained to spray the chemical in an environmentally compliant manner not to affect humans, plants and animals.

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John Kafuko, a resident of Buwuni village in Bulesa Sub County is skeptical about the effects of the spray, but says he and other people in the community spend a lot of funds on treating malaria in homes.

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