Buikwe Voters Want Besigye To Address Fisheries Issues

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The fisheries question is one issue the people of Buikwe want presidential candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye to talk about when he campaigns in the district on Wednesday.

The Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye takes his campaign to Buikwe district.
As he heads there, voters in Buikwe want him to talk about his plans to reform the fisheries sector.
Buikwe is reported to have several fishing disputes including extortion of money from fishermen, grabbing of fishing gears, land site wrangles, illegal evictions as well as harassment of communities over illegal fishing.

Felix Oluka, a fisherman from Kiyindi landing site says seven in ten voters in Buikwe district have a fishing problem, yet no presidential candidate is addressing the issues of fisheries. 
Oluka says fisheries law enforcement officers have in the last five years through intimidation extorted money, arrested fishermen and evicted them from fishing areas.
Eng //Cue in: "The impounded gears…"
Cue out "…on Lake Victoria."//

The fishing community here says presidential candidates canvassing for support from Buikwe, the islands and landing sites make mention of the schools, state of roads, and land but very little is said on plans to improve fishing in the district. 

Gonzaga Kasekende, a fisherman in Buikwe says the purchase and sell of fishing gear must be streamlined. He accuses the fisheries law enforcers of trading in illegal fishing gear and at the same time arresting the buyers who cannot afford legal fishing gears.
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Cue out "…envuba eidha telela."//
Kasekende says he has lost close to 20 million shillings in the last five years to fisheries law enforcers and through buying fishing gears that are later impounded.

But Jackson Wadanya, the Fisheries Commissioner in the Ministry of Agriculture says fisheries enforcement had a problem but was streamlined. 

Dr. Kiiza Besigye is in Buikwe district for his campaign rallies on Wednesday with campaign rallies in Kiyindi landing site, Najja, Nyenga, Nakibizzi, Wakiso and Njeru Town Council.


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