Bundibugyo Teachers Struggle To Manage Crowded Classrooms

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Teachers blame crowded classrooms for the poor performance of pupils from the district in national exams.

Primary School teachers in Bundibugyo district are struggling to manage crowded classrooms. Although the recommended teacher pupil ratio by Ministry Education is 1:40, in Bundibugyo the ratio is 1:170 in most schools.    
Teachers blame crowded classrooms for the poor performance of pupils from the district in national exams. At Bubandi Primary School, each class has a population of between 140-175 pupils. Gorreti Bbira, a primary three teacher says her class is packed to capacity, which makes it impossible to inspect pupil's books and assess their performance.  

According to Bbira, some of the pupils who badly need her attention may never get it due to lack of adequate time. Steven Mujuni, a primary six teacher at Bundibugyo town Primary School says he is required to mark the exercise books of 155 pupils each day and record their marks. 

He however, says he is unable to do so due to the high number of pupils, which affects the quality of education offered. Mujuni says in addition to limited space, they also lack sufficient text books for pupils.

//Cue in: text books required …"
 Cue out: …to read."//

Brian Mugisa, the Deputy Head Teacher Bundibugyo Town Primary School says teachers are doing their best but they are overstretched.

//Cue in: "The only thing…
Cue out: reduce the congestion."//
Gerald Mujungu, the acting Inspector of Schools Bundibugyo District admits the high teacher-pupil ratio has affected the quality of education offered to pupils. 

According to Mujungu, Bundibugyo district was among the worst performers in the 2014 Primary Leaving Examination as they didn't register a single first grade.
He says in 2014, the district recruited 250 teachers but some of them failed to report for duty citing the remoteness of the district.

Uwezo Uganda, an organization assessing and promoting learning outcomes for primary school going children says the vast majority of pupils in government schools are unable to perform at the required level due to overcrowded classes since they receive little time with teachers. 



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