Bunyoro Kingdom Drums Up Interest in Bursaries

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In short
130 bursaries are open to students from Bunyoro Kitara kingdom. The bursaries have previously gone unused because many students were not aware of their existence.

Students are flooding Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Education office to apply for bursaries, following a publicity drive by the kingdom to attract applicants.  
The kingdom has for years been offering half bursaries for students to undertake university education. However, kingdom officials often complained that they received few applications.
Bruhan Kyokuhaire, the Kingdom Education and sports minister, says his office has realized there has been limited public awareness about the bursary scheme, thus reviving publicity.
Kyokuhaire explains that all kingdom structures right from the village are now being used to give out information about the available bursaries. He says radio stations in the region and district local governments are the other avenues that are being used to publicize these bursaries.
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Cue out: ....have that opportunity."//
According to Kyokuhaire, the renewed publicity drive is already drawing lots of applicants.
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At the time a URN reporter visited the office, many students had turned up to pick up application forms or return them. Edward Isingoma from Buhanika Sub County is one of the applicants who had turned up to apply. He explains that he only heard of the offer this year. He has been in the village for a year after doing his ‘A’ Level in 2011.
He says he could not readily continue because his family could not afford to pay the university tuition.
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Bunyoro Kitara kingdom receives bursaries from The Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) in Fort portal, Kampala University (KU) and Mountains of the Moon University (MMU). For the October intake the kingdom has been offered 130 bursaries.
Bunyoro is one of the few regions in Uganda without a University. Kingdom officials say the bursary scheme is one of the incentives to help academically brilliant but poor students in the region attain university education.