Bunyoro Muslims Tipped On Land Asset Investment

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Sheikh Kugonza noted that Muslims in the area were struggling to match other religious institutions in development programmes because they did not invest in land.

Sheikh Ashraf Mustafa Kugonza the Bunyoro district Khadi - elect has called on Muslims in the area to invest in land if they are to benefit from the Oil and Gas sector activities in Bunyoro.

Sheikh Kugonza was preaching to Muslims during Eid el-Fitr prayers at the Bwikya primary school playground in Hoima town.

Sheikh Kugonza noted that Muslims in the area were struggling to match other religious institutions in development programmes because they did not invest in land.

He said individual believers need to develop themselves by investing in land for commercial purposes because it is the only asset whose price keeps appreciating.

In Bunyoro sub region, the quest for land is high especially as speculators buy chunks  anticipating to reap big from the oil and gas exploration and development.

Sheikh Kugonza also urged Muslims to give their children quality education so that they can benefit  from the Oil and Gas sector through employment, providing other services that are highly competitive.

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He also urged  parents to critically monitor their children's dress code. He observed  that Muslims are known for descent dressing as one way of addressing moral decadence in the society.

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Sheikh Yahaya Bikurataki the Imam of the Bwikya main mosque says that after successfully going through the holy month of Ramadhan, the Muslims should keep peace by co-existing with other religions in the area.
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At the Boma grounds, Sheikh Abdullah Nasur told another group of Muslims o be exemplary by continuing the good deeds exhibited during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Grace Mary Mugasa, the Mayor of Hoima Municipality while at Bwikya mosque asked the Muslim men to establish businesses for their wives in order to increase household income which will lead to development.

Mugasa says that with Muslims women in business, it will be easy for government to mobilize them to benefit from different financial schemes that target groups.


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