Bwanika Promises Free Medicare For Elderly Top story


In short
Abed Bwanika promises free healthcare for the aged, minimum wage for the workers, more power generation.

Presidential candidate Abedi Bwanika has promised to introduce a minimum wage for all employees if elected president. He also promises free healthcare services for the elderly.

Bwanika while addressing campaign rallies at Namayingo Primary School playgrounds and Bugiri Taxi Park on Wednesday, said a minimum wage will help Ugandans live comfortably.

"People are dying at a very young age because they earn less yet they do difficult jobs, "he said

Bwanika, who is currently hunting for votes in Busoga region, also proposes that members of parliament should be allowed to hold debate in the local languages, in order to debate adequately and freely during plenary sessions.

"Some members of parliament fail to freely express themselves in Parliament because they are not fluent in the foreign language of English, "he said

Bwanika promised to fight homosexuality and eliminate corruption in government.

He urged the people of Busoga to vote him to presidency, saying he is the only candidate who can eradicate poverty, create jobs besides eliminating the common problem of jiggers.

Bwanika promised to introduce free health care to people beyond the age of 65.
"Most of these people have retired from their jobs and don't have anything to help them sustain their lives therefore, they need government support, "he said