Calls For Revival Of Tooro's Glory As People's Conference Opens in Fort Portal

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Rugumayo asked the Kingdom authorities to set up a scholarship fund for needy children in rural areas.

The Tooro People's Conference kicked off today in Fort Portal with a call for the revival of the glory of the Tooro region.  In his opening remarks, Professor Edward Rugumayo, the chairperson of the Elders Forum, said that the glory of Tooro is no more as the Batooro have become a laughing stock. 

Rugumayo said that the education and agricultural sectors, which were vibrant in the past, are no more. He cited schools like Nyakasura, St. Leo's College Kyegobe and Kyembambe whose performance in national examinations is dismal. "We should reflect on what is happening to our great schools. In the past the schools were among the best in the country, but this is not happening today," Rugumayo said amidst claps from the guests. 

Rugumayo also questioned why there is no Tooro Kingdom scholarship fund for needy children especially in rural areas. Rugumayo who told the audience that he was offered a kingdom bursary by Omukama Sir George Rukiidi III, argued that bursaries will increase student enrollment and reduce school dropouts.  

"I was privileged to study under a kingdom bursary during King Kasagama's reign. Why doesn't the scholarship start here, " Rugumayo said. Rugumayo also noted that several chunks of land have not been put to use and has affected development of the kingdom. He asked the kingdom authorities to lure investors to construct factories, which will offer employment opportunities to the youth in the region.

The Tooro conference was opened with a prayer session by Inter-Religious Council Rwenzori chapter led by Bishop Rwenzori Diocese Reuben Kisembo. The conference has attracted politicians, religious leaders, kingdom authorities and the youth.


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