Campaigns in Masaka's Bukoto East Constituency End in Bloodshed

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A clash between supporters of rival candidates for the Bukoto East Parliamentary seat set the tone for a bloody end to the political campaigns. Supporters of Florence Namayanja clashed with supporters of Minister Alintuma Nsambu, in one of the worst bloody scenes witnessed so far this campaign season. It all started when Namayanja's supporters heading from Lambu landing site, collided with Alintuma's supporters at Kidda trading center in Buwunga sub county, Masaka. Nsambu's supporters were coming from a rally in Kitengesa. Simon Musoke, a witness to the scene says what could have passed of as a coincidental meeting between the two rivals instead generated into a fight as supporters from both sides started insulting each other. Namayanja's supporters blocked the road and matters were made worse when Nsambu allegedly showed up and demanded that Namayanja's supporters clear the way for him. Namayanja's supporters described this as an act of provocation and immediately picked stones and stick and started fighting Nsambu's supporters. Kevin Kakeeto, a journalist from Tropix Radio was beaten up badly and ended up losing two of his front teeth. He was admitted at Dr.Kaleevu Clinic, in Masaka town and many other supporters are admitted in several clinics around Masaka town. In the heat of events, one of the stones hurled by Namayanja's supporter landed on Nsambu's car, prompting Nsambu's bodyguard to fire in the air, to disperse the irate mob that was now advancing towards Nsambu's supporters. Musoke says Nsambu's key campaign agents; Richard Sserubuggo, Hassan Hussein, Haruna Ssenteza escaped but with severe injures. Namayanja has blamed her rival for the clashes. She claims that Nsambu provoked her supporters by throwing her campaign posters, just as she addressed a rally in Lambu. But Nsambu denies any wrongdoing. He too blames Namayanja for Wednesday's skirmishes. Noah Sserunjogi, the southern region spokesperson, says that police are investigating the incident. No one has been arrested so far.


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