Candidate Ordered to Withdraw Deceptive Adverts

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The ongoing political fight for the Fort-Portal Municipality Parliamentary seat reveals just how deceptive politics is playing in the hands of the politicians to woo Voter support. Alex Ruhunda, the NRM candidate is accused of peddling lies, to woo supporters to his side. One of his classic lies revolves around his alleged involvement in the founding of the Mountains of the Moon University. During his campaign rallies, Ruhunda has often times been heard telling voters that he should be voted into Parliament, because he has already proved that he can deliver. He claims that he was the brain behind the Establishment of the Mountains of the Moon University in Fort-Portal. Ruhunda has been quoted telling voters that he should be remembered for founding the university. His Campaign adverts also emphasize his alleged role in the Mountains of the moon university and end by reminding listeners that he is ready to take on Fort-Portal Municipality. Ruhunda's claims however contradict the position taken by Prof.Edward Rugumayo, the chancellor Mountains of the Moon University, who has already issued a strong warning urging Ruhunda to stop using the name of the University in his campaigns. Prof Rugumayo, explains that the university is a brain child of several outstanding personalities in Tooro and not politicians. He cited the founders as Justice Seith Manyindo, Col.Tom Butime,Yusif Karamali,and the Late Fr.Albert Byaruhanga, the others are; Prof.Oswald Ndolerire , Prof.Shemana, Dr.Sharot Karungi a lecturer at Makerere University and Prof.Edward Rugumayo. Speaking to Journalists at Traveler's Inn in Fort Portal, the visibly infuriated Rugumayo urged Ruhunda to stop the deceptive game and to tell the truth. He also ordered him to with draw all adverts on the radio, which has been promoting his alleged high profile in the university. Ruhunda says he has already withdrawn the university and has apologized to the professor. The fight over Fort-Portal Municipality seat is between, Steven Kaliba, the incumbent MP, Alex Ruhunda, the former director Kabarole Research and Resource Center and Patrick Rubongoyo, also an independent.


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