CBS FM taken off Air

5794 Views Kampala, Uganda
Central Broadcasting Service (CBS FM) has been taken off air. The Buganda Kingdom-owned station was this afternoon raided by the Broadcasting Council. Godfrey Mutabazi, the chairperson of the Broadcasting Council, said the two channels operated by CBS FM - 88.8 and 89.2 FM were engaged in unprofessional conduct. Mutabazi accused the station of inciting hatred and mobilizing the Baganda to commit acts of violence throughout the Buganda region. Since early on Thursday morning, Kampala city has been ablaze with riots. The protests were prompted by a decision by the police to block Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi from visiting Kayunga district. The Katikiro of Buganda and an advance team were on Thursday arrested by the police as they attempted to enter Kayunga. Gangs of youth went out from the seat of the Buganda Kingdom government, the Lubiri, throughout the city, expresing their anger against the government. The protests, which spread to Masaka, centered around claims that government is deliberately sabotaging the Buganda Kingdom and frustrating the efforts of the Kabaka to advance the kingdom. CBS FM has been central to the debate. It is the official mouthpiece of the kingdom and by its nature was used as an avenue for communication to and from the Kabaka. It is not clear when CBS FM we be back on air. The Broadcasting Council said the radio's transmission equipment was being held for a few hours for 'safe custody.'


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