Child Abuse Cases in Moyo Soar

1796 Views Moyo Town, Uganda
A scathing report released this week, shows that Moyo district ranks high in Uganda for child abuse and neglect. Compiled by the Moyo District Probations office, the report, states that each year parents fail to protect hundreds of children in desperate circumstances. The report adds that the desperate circumstances have often resulted into exposing the children to child trafficking, and abuse. In Moyo district alone, 68 cases of child neglect were registered between July 2009 and April 2010. 41 of the 68 cases were handled by the probations office, while the rest were referred to the family and children's unit and handled by the Moyo grade one-magistrate. Jimmy Ameko, the district senior probation and social welfare officer, says child neglect has become an epidemic especially among children aged between 12 and17 years. The report blames family break ups, early marriages, and alcoholism for the high number of children neglected by their parents. Child-welfare advocates said the lack of uniform record keeping and data collection methods mean the actual number of deaths could be even much higher.


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