Drama As Chinese Officials Fail to Show Journalists Donated Equipment


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Out of frustration, the Chinese officials who were speaking on top of their voices started taking pictures of journalists who were now talking to one of the hospital officials.

Naguru General Hospital was a scene of drama on Friday when journalists tasked officials of China Medical Team to show them newly donated equipment to the hospital in vain. On Friday, Journalists were invited to Naguru General Hospital to cover the handover of medicine and medical equipment to the hospital worth USD 5 million by China Medical Team.  

During the event, China Medical Team gave journalists a list showing that they were handing  331 different types of drugs and medical apparatus. Some of the equipment on list includes electro- therapeutic apparatus, pulse blood oxygen unit, traction frame, Angelica pill and Shainghaunglian oral liquid among others.
"The Chinese side has delivered the aforesaid supplies to Kampala and both sides have made joint inspection on the quality, quantity and specifications," read a handover certificate signed by Dr. Jacinto Amandua, the Head of Clinical Services Ministry of Health.
Although 20 boxes were displayed at the medical stores, only eight of them were filed with drugs. Some of the medical supplies labeled in Chinese also showed that they were set to expire in May 2017. However, none of medical equipment could be seen prompting journalists to ask the Chinese interpreter Chen Jin to explain where the equipment was.
 Chen Jin angrily called Dr. Amandua on phone to speak to the journalists about the missing equipment.
 //Cue in: The one…//

Cue out…Amandua.//

"Hello doctor, we want to see the equipment that the Chinese team donated to Naguru hospital worth 5 Million USD but we are seeing empty boxes," the journalist told Amandua. Dr. Amandua said he was going to consult.
Out of frustration, the Chinese officials who were speaking on top of their voices started taking pictures of journalists who were now talking to one of the hospital officials.
Chen Jin threatened to expose the journalists, saying they want money. Burhan Kasujja, one of the store managers, said they were only receiving the stores officially.
//Cue in:  What has...//
Cue out...procedure.//

Last month URN wrote a story, about specialized medical equipment that was donated by Chinese government lying idle at Naguru hospital. They include the cervical cancer testing machine that analyses cancer cells, a Biochemistry Analyser that tests the function of the liver, kidney, heart, pancreas and electrolytes. 

The others are a Polymerase Chain Reaction-PCR machine that does DNA and viral load testing, a Hematology Analyzer that tests blood, a water purifier, HB Electrophoresis machine that does sickle cell and protein tests.

When URN asked Amandua what the ministry is doing to install some of the machines such as the water purifier that just needs an interpreter for the chinese language, he said they are working on it. "I'm saying they will be addressed. You wait when they address you then you will know," he said


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