Committee Chairperson Denies Personal Interest in Bicycle Probe

1752 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Chairperson of the Public Service and Local Government committee of Parliament has denied allegations by some of her colleagues that she is frustrating investigations in the embezzlement of about five billion shillings lost in the shoddy bicycle deal meant for Local Council Chairpersons under the Ministry of Local Government.

Florence Kintu, the woman MP for Kalungu District, told a Press Conference in Kampala that she has never frustrated the investigations.

Her remarks came shortly after the committee ordered for the arrest of a key witness in the bicycle transaction, Patrick Bagarukayo.

Kintu has openly disagreed with her committee members who have taken decisions to have witnesses arrested and she turns down their demand and lets them off the hook.

One such witness that the committee members wanted to have detained is the Permanent Secretary, John Kashaka, but Kintu used her powers as the Chairperson to reject her colleagues demands

Last week, Kintu openly clashed with the Shadow Minister of Local Government, Betty Nambooze who accused her of lacking the ability to lead the investigations.

During Monday's cross examination, Kashaka said he was lucky that he appeared before Kintu as Chairperson and not the Vice Chairman, the Igara County West MP Raphael Magyezi, who has been tough on the witnesses.

But Kintu has stood her ground, denying any personal interest in the investigations and referring to the allegations as baseless. She challenged any of her members to provide evidence showing that she has  an interest in the inquest.

Kintu said that there is no way she could have influenced Bagarukayo from failing to turn up before the commitee, because  she was admitted in hospital suffering from High Blood Pressure.

She said her committee was doing its work in the open and would process the best report for action.

The committee winds up its investigations this week after a month of carrying out inquiries and will prepare a report to hand over to parliament for a parliamentary debate and action to be taken by the whole house.

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