DRC Refugees Arrested for Selling Relief Items

1114 Views Hoima, Uganda

In short
They were caught Red-handed trying to sell blankets, mattresses, saucepans, Basins plus other house hold items donated to them by UNHCR.

Police in Hoima have arrested three DRC refugees on allegations of theft and selling of relief items. 

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson says that the suspects, who escaped from Kyangwali refugee settlement area, were arrested after a tip- off from traders that they were selling blankets, mattresses, saucepans and Basins, which had been donated to refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR. 

Hakiza says that the three; whose names he did not reveal for fear of jeopardizing investigations, stole the items from fellow refugees.    

Hakiza says police has several times received information of refugees selling most of the donated relief items in the areas of Kiryatete, Lusaka, Bujumbura and Kijungu in Hoima.
A recent mini-survey by UNHCR in Kyangwali revealed that items bearing logos of humanitarian agencies are cheaply sold to communities. Some of the items include food, mats, blankets, delivery kits and detergents.
The World Food Programme and other humanitarian agencies provide the food and other non-food items to every refugee family head, depending on the number of dependents he or she has.