Congolese Refugees Flock Hoima District

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Christine Banura, a mother of three children who fled her home area in Tchomia on Friday night and arrived at Sebigoro reception Centre on Saturday evening told Uganda Radio Network that the situation in DR Congo is tense since fresh clashes have erupted again.

More than 300 refugees from the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC have entered Hoima district.

The refugees fled fresh tribal clashes between the Lendu and the Bagegere  in the Eastern part of the DR Congo.

The refugees started arriving at Sebigoro reception Centre in Kabwoya sub county since Friday last week.

Christine Banura, a mother of three, who looked tired and exhausted, says she fled and separated with her husband after armed men attacked their home on Friday night. She says she managed to escape the attack with her three children and crossed to Uganda.
Banura, believes her husband could have been killed or abducted by the Lendu militia.

 //Cue. Congo yika mbaya sana…
Cue out...siisi apa yiko salama"//.

 Aruwa Ozelle, another refugee from Tchomia, says that the fresh clashes that erupted over the weekend forced him to flee leaving behind his wife. He fled with three of his six children to Sebigoro landing site where he was received by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees- UNHCR officials.

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 Moses Man, a volunteer with United Nations high commissioner for refugees attached to Sebigoro reception Centre, says that since Friday last week they register at least 30 to 50 refugees daily.
 He says that the refugees are immediately subjected to Cholera and Ebola screening by medical workers.

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//cue out: They are scared in DR Congo.."// .


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