Coordinator of Dutch International Arrested for Fraud

2063 Views Mbale, Eastern Region, Uganda
The Coordinator of Dutch International has been arrested by the police for fraud. Simon Khauka was arrested on Friday and is being detained at Mbale Central Police Station. Khaukha faces charges of defrauding clients more than ten billion shillings. Over 6000 people recently petitioned the police in Mbale to help them recover their money they have allegedly been saving with Dutch International. Dutch International has been operating a sham savings scheme in Mbale in which members were expected to deposit money only in U.S dollars. Clients were not allowed to save less than 100 dollars. Several people from the districts of Mbale, Sironko, Manafwa, Bududa and Kapchorwa joined the scheme in the hope of earning a 30 percent monthly interest off their deposits. But after waiting for several months without getting returns the clients petitioned the police and the office of the Mbale Resident District Commissioner to help them recover their savings. Jane Kakai, a businesswoman from Mbale town is one of the clients who lost money to Dutch International. Kakai says she deposited six million shillings to Dutch six months ago and has been unable to get back her money or any interest. Simon Wamasale the Mbale District Criminal Investigations Officer says that Khaukha and his colleagues who are still at large will be charged with fraud.


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