KCCA Sells Govt Procured Yellow Fever Vaccines

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Two weeks ago, KCCA wrote to National Medical Stores- NMS requesting for 3000 doses of the vaccine following a stock out at their clinic. However, despite the fact the vaccines were got for free , people are still being asked to pay for the vaccine.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is finding it hard to explain to the public why the authority is making people pay UGX 100,000 for Yellow Fever vaccination and yet the vaccines are procured by the government.

Two weeks ago, KCCA wrote to National Medical Stores (NMS) requesting for 3000 doses of the vaccine following a stock out at their clinic. The request was honored.

However, despite the fact the vaccines were got for free, people are still being asked to pay for the vaccine.

When URN visited the clinic we found Sulaiman Balonde who had also come for vaccination because he is going to Dubai to wok. For him he had not planned on paying for the vaccine because he thought they are free just like the rest of the government drugs.

However, his chances of traveling today are minimal because he has to get one hundred thousand shillings for the vaccination from KCCA.

He intimates to URN that his relatives had helped him secure money for his air ticket and visa after some good years without a decent job.

//Cue in: At first…//

Cue out…things.//

Moses Kamabare, the General Manager for NMS wonders why the vaccine which is procured just like any other government drug is being sold out.

//Cue in: KCCA through…//

Cue out...Uganda.//

Dr. David Seruka, the director for public health at KCCA told URN in a phone interview that they run out of the yellow fever vaccines and wrote an emergency request to the NMS. He adds that in order to be consistent they could not give it out for free but maintained their charge of UGX100,000.

He adds that when KCCA procures their vaccines, those from NMS will be replaced and will be given to special categories of people for free although he did not mention any other category apart from KCCA staff.

This means that KCCA will make over UGX300 million from the sale of the vaccines that were already paid for by the government.

//Cue in: So we…//

Cue out…replace.//

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recently issued a travel advisory on the outbreak of Yellow Fever and asked those traveling outside the country to ensure they are vaccinated against yellow fever ten days prior to their travel. The advisory followed reports of more than ten people dying as a result of the disease in  some areas of Masaka and Kebisoni in Rukungiri district.

Currently, the vaccines are available at four recognized health facilities in the country and they come at a cost. These are: KCCA health centre IV at the City Hall, Norvic hospital, Kazuri clinic at Entebbe international airport and The Surgery in Naguru.

Yellow fever is a viral hemorrhagic disease caused by a virus transmitted human to human via an Aedes mosquito bite or to humans from primate reservoir via forest mosquito species.


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