Couple arrested for Feeding Crippled Child on Dog's Plate

1699 Views Iganga, Uganda
A couple in Iganga has been arrested for feeding A crippled child from the dog's plate. Nuhu Serwagi, a witchdoctor and his wife were picked up from their home in Bugumba zone in Iganga municipality, following reports that they have been serving the child on the same plate that their dog eats from. The crippled child who weighs about 4kgs is a son to Leo Waiswa, a resident of Ivukula vilage in Namutumba district. The crippled boy was taken to the witchdoctors shrine, by his father, so he could be helped to stand and walk like all normal children. But instead of helping the boy walk, the witchdoctor instead subjected him to inhuman treatment. Kakerewe Mwamad, the LC1 chairperson, led the police to the shrine, where they found the boy seated naked and looking malnourished. The LC 1 chairperson wondered how such a child could be left to eat on the same plate as their dog. James Okwagore, the in charge of Iganga police station, says both the witch doctor and his wife will be charged with child abuse. He also said that the parents of the child would also be arrested and charged with child neglect.


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