Court Dismisses Petition against Mityana South MP Election

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In short
Kaddu Mukasa, the Mityana County South MP, holds on to his parliamentary seat a little longer as Nakawa High Court dismisses a petition seeking to nullify his re-election to the house.

Nakawa court has thrown out a petition to recount the ballots cast in Mityana County South parliamentary elections.
The case was filed by Henry Makumbi of the National Resistance Movement who lost the Mityana South elections to the incumbent, Jerome Kaddu Mukasa as winner of the elections.
Kaddu Mukasa won the elections by just over 1,300 votes.
Ruling on the petition this morning, Nakawa High Court judge, Faith Mwondha, said she was dismissing the case because of irregularities with the first recount petition filed at Mityana Chief Magistrate’s Court. She noted that Kaddu Mukasa was not named as a respondent in the Mityana case and so he could not be part of the new trial.
Justice Mwondha said the Mityana chief magistrate, Sarah Nkonge, has the power to authority to the inclusion of the MP, but she failed to do so.  She said the magistrate had wasted the court’s time and it was too late to issue a recount order.
Mwondha advised Henry Makumbi to file a fresh petition against Kaddu Mukasa’s election.  She ordered that the ballot boxes used in the Mityana South elections be stored in a secure place in the event of a future suit.
Jerome Kaddu Mukasa was overjoyed at the ruling. He said he would continue to faithfully serve his constituency in the next parliament.
However Makumbi says the battle for the Mityana South seat is not over yet.  No sooner was his petition thrown own than he took the advise of the judge and filed a fresh suit at Nakawa High Court.
Makumbi says he has evidence that ballots cast in his favor were illegally invalidated, his agents were barred from accessing some polling station and there were numerous cases of multiple voting.

Makumbi also states that the number of votes cast exceeds the registered voters in Mityana County South.