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After the consent judgment, the judge asked both parties including observers to append their signatures on the court documents.

The Civil Division of High Court has Okayed the Annual General Meeting-AGM of Bugisu Cooperative Union-BCU scheduled for November, 28th, 2018.
Justice Lydia Mugambe delivered the ruling in a consent judgment between the Nathan Nandala Mafabi led BCU board and Budidi Growers Cooperative Society Limited.
Budidi Growers Cooperative Society ran to the Civil Division of High Court on Wednesday last week and secured an injunction blocking the AGM that was scheduled for Thursday citing irregularities in the electoral guidelines for the new board members.
The petitioners accused the Nandala led board of setting unlawful academic requirements with the aim of eliminating their society from the elections. As a result, Justice Lydia Mugambe issued a temporarily injunction stopping the AGM pending the disposal of the main application.  
On Thursday afternoon, the two parties appeared in court for hearing of the application. Justice Mugambe asked them to first step out of court for mediation, arguing that the AGM and elections are important for the union members.

After about three hours, Julius Galisonga who represented the respondents and and the applicant's lawyer, Ambrose Tebyasa returned to the chambers to report the outcomes of their mediation, saying they had harmonized their grievances with exception of who gets the costs of the suit. 

With the guidance of Justice Mugambe, the parties resolved that the AGM takes place on November 28th at 10 am at the union premises on Plot 46 on Pallisa Road in Mbale municipality.
Although the parties wanted the elections to start at 7am, Mugambe said members should be given chance to arrive and start at 10a.m., which is convenient for even those from distant areas.
It was also agreed that all delegates from Primary Societies who haven't yet submitted their applications expressing interest in various posts on the union board do so by 2pm on November, 27.
It has also been agreed that the applicants will organize their internal Affairs and verify its membership by midday on November, 27th and that only delegates will attend the meeting. 

After the consent judgment, the judge asked both parties including observers to append their signatures on the court documents. 

"The applicant claims against the respondent have been fully settled and no fresh or further action, directly or indirectly should be taken against the BCU in as far as issues of this Annual General Meeting are concerned," Mugambe ruled.
Speaking outside Court, Isaiah Ssasaga, one of the directors of BCU, said he is okay with the consent judgment but not satisfied with the issue of costs.

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Nandala Mafabi, the incumbent BCU board Chairperson, said he was okay with the outcome of the court.

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The respondent's lawyer, Galisonga is hopeful that the court decision is in the best interest of the union members since the parties have been guided by the judge. 
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