Discovery of 70 New Walkie-Talkies Reignites Terrorism Investigation

1470 Views Masindi, Uganda
70 brand new walkie-talkies have been discovered by security personnel in Kibanda County in Masindi district. Jack Odur, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner in charge of Kibanda, says the discovery is being treated as a security concern. He says it has revived investigations into reports of a new rebel group recruiting in the area. Odur says some people have been arrested and detained in connection with the walkie-talkie discovery, but he declines to divulge other details. There are unconfirmed reports from Masindi that two suspects were arrested and transferred to the Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce holding house in Kampala over the weekend. It was reported a few weeks ago that six suspected rebels were arrested at Rhino Camp in Masindi. No other details of the arrest or the rebel operation have been made public.