DP and FDC Supporters Fight at Rally

1507 Views Kampala, Uganda
Supporters of the Democratic Party (DP) nd the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) exchanged on Monday evening during a campaign rally in Lungujja in Rubaga Division, Kampala. The fight broke out when a group of Uganda Young Democrats, led by a Rubaga LC3 councilor, Cissy Zimula, stormed a rally of the FDC candidate for the Rubaga LC3 chair, Joyce Ssebugwawo. The youth demanded that a DP member who was at Ssebugwawo's rally had betrayed the party. The DP member, James Ssekidde, is the LC3 councilor for Ndeeba Parish in Rubaga. According to the Young Democrats, it was wrong for a man elected by the DP to openly profess his support for a candidate from a rival party. The youth demanded that Ssekidde hand over the party card immediately. He refused to do so, sparking off a fight. Speaking after the situation had calmed down, Ssekidde said the DP no longer represented the people of Rubaga. He said he had chosen to support Joyce Ssebugwawo, an FDC candidate because his party does not have a clear political agenda. //Cue in: iAba DP # Cue out: i# forget politics division.i// James Ssekidde is not the only politician who is supporting candidates from rival parties in the Rubaga LC3 by-elections Amidu Ssenyondo, the President General of the little-known Social Democratic Party, has also withdrawn support from his party's candidate, Henry Lubowa and is backing Joyce Ssebugwawo's bid. Ssenyondo argues that party politics needs to be put aside in order to elect a competent person to lead the Division. //Cue in: iBut #i Cue out: i# deliver.i// Seven candidates are standing for the Rubaga LC3 chair.


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